What is subscription fee and how it is charged?

The subscription fee is the amount we charge from You to onboard onto our platform for providing Healthcare Membership to Your Team Member.  

  • The initial subscription amount is calculated for 45 days (1 month + 15 days advanced refundable deposit) depending on the plan type, number of team members and their estimated age. Let’s name it as (A) 
  • At the end of the month: 
  • We compute the charge for the month which is calculated on the basis of the actual number of the team members, their age, their plan type and the number of days for which they were activated for the last month on our platform (B) 
  • We compute 15 days refundable deposit basis the team members who were active as on the billing date (C) 
  • The next month bill and the auto-debit amount would then become (B + C – A).  

You may also discontinue your existing subscription to the TeamSure program by providing us with a written notice atleast 15 days prior to the next subscription due date, care@onsurity.com

Any unutilized sums held as Membership Subscription Deposit would be refunded to you on your request, per Our sole discretion.

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